C-DJ Services

You say,  
“I do.”   
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Our DJ Services

Every wedding is different. This means being ready and able to adapt to what ever challenges we may encounter. Being flexible is one of the things we pride ourselves on. Below are just some of the services Resolve Media offers.

Professional Live DJ Services

No playlists here! All of our music is mixed live and tailored to your crowd. No two weddings are the same so why should the music be? We love requests and our DJs will even get out there and lead a couple line dances. If you’re looking for someone boring to stand behind the booth all night we might not be for you! 

Ceremony Sound 

Having your ceremony at the reception venue? We have you covered with our completely separate ceremony sound system. Covered speakers, wireless mics, processional/recessional music, and 30 minutes of premixed music before the ceremony. 

Wireless Uplighting 

Add a splash of color to your event! Our Wireless battery powered uplights are the perfect way to accent any features around the room as well as provide ambient lighting. With our LEDs we can match your wedding color exactly!

State Wide Travel

From Fort Kent to Portsmouth and Bar Harbor to Rangley we travel! With our truck and trailer we show up with everything needed to make your day a success.

Power Generation

Having a tent wedding or ceremony in a location where access to power is limited? C-DJ Services can generate 100% of our own power. Our compact generator is no louder than a running car and has enough juice for the entire day!

Selfie Station

Not to be confused with our Magic Mirror Photo Booth, our selfie station is the perfect way to add an extra flair to your night! Much like Snapchat our Selfie Station uses the front facing camera to capture images. These can be emailed, texted, and are all uploaded to an online gallery.

Package 1

The Essentials 

Our most flexible and baisc package. The Essentials is typically used for receptions with 125 or fewer people in attendance. This setup can be fit into smaller areas by moving or deleting the lightbars and modifying the speaker setup. Don’t be fooled though. This setup still packs a punch and our lightbars have 4 different dancefloor lighting effects each! 

6 hours of reception DJ/Emcee service 
10in concert quality speaker system with subwoofer 
Dual sycronized lightbars 
Wireless mic
5 complimentary uplights 
Scrim covered speakers, table, and light stands 
Package 2 

The Standard 

Our most popular wedding option. The Stand Setup is modeled after the standard in wedding reception setup looks. A clean, modern looking setup that packs just the right combination of sound and lighting effects. Your guests are sure to be impressed and your photographer will love it! No unsightly cables or wires 

6 hours of reception DJ/Emcee service
12in JBL concert quality speaker system with large subwoofer
Uplit truss totems 
Intelligent moving head spot dance lights 
Uplit front board
Two wireless mics 
Package 3

The Truss System

For the client who wants the ultimate sound and lighting experience. Our Truss System setup includes 9 different light features all controlled LIVE by our DJ expert. You’ll feel like your in a stadium watching the band perform right in front of you. 

6 hours of reception DJ/Emcee service
Four piece sound system 
20ft truss system
Dmx computer controlled light show 
Uplit front board
Two wireless mics 
Atmosphere effects